Purecycle is pleased to have the fortune of having developed partnerships in the development of our operations. Our key affiliations are:

Rangeview Metropolitan District (Rangeview)

The Rangeview Metropolitan District is a title 32 quasi municipal, political subdivision of the State of Colorado formed in 1986. Rangeview was organized to develop water resources, water systems and facilities, wastewater collection and treatment facilities for customers in its service area. The Rangeview service area covers approximately 40 square miles or approximately 24,000 acres of the Lowry Range. The Lowry Range is located in Southeastern Arapahoe County. Pure Cycle is Rangeviews services provider and sells water and wastewater services through Rangeview.

South West Metro Water Supply Authority (SMWSA)

SWMSA was founded in 2004, the idea behind it was simple: bring many smaller water entities in south Denver together to create a regional water authority. SMWSA stemmed from the Douglas County Water Resource Authority (DCWRA), which started in 1992, and the South Metro Water Supply Study Board, formed in January 2000, when other larger water providers requested to work with one regional entity. SMWSA currently has 15 members. Rangeview is a current member of SMWSA and works with the members to develop water resources and infrastructure to better serve our customer base.

Water, Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE)

Seventeen entities, including Rangeview, have joined forces on a project that will supply customers with more water while minimizing the need to buy new water rights. Rageview is moving forward with a partnership called WISE, which stands for Water, Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency. If approved, the partnership will provide new supply by combining unused capacities in Aurora Water’s Prairie Waters Project with unused water supplies from Denver and Aurora. Then, during the years Denver and Aurora don’t need all of that water, the 15 Douglas County entities that make up the South Metro Water Supply Authority will be able to buy the unused water to help reduce its reliance on nonrenewable groundwater.

The partnership has not been finalized and much work remains. But if all goes as planned, Rangeview will gain access to unused water supplies from Denver and Aurora.

Fort Lyon Canal Company (FLCC)

The FLCC is a non-profit mutual ditch company established in the late 1800’s to operate and maintain the 110-mile long Fort Lyon Canal between La Junta, Colorado and Lamar, Colorado. The water rights we own are represented by 21,800 shares (22%) of the FLCC.